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The Right Exercise Fit for Your Lifestyle |

I needed to find the right exercise

Lately I have been trying to find the right exercise so that I could meet my goals. Up until recently I hadn’t been working out regularly. I know that my weight loss is more dependent on my nutrition than my exercise. But I also recognize that exercise is an important part of overall health. Last summer/fall I did a good job with increasing my number of steps walked per day. That fell off when the rainy season started. By the time this spring came around I knew I wanted to do more. I’m ready to start feeling stronger. To start adding flexibility to my routine. To build some endurance to be able to participate more actively with my family.

What questions did I ask?

To find the right exercise for me I looked at the following things. You can ask yourself the same questions to find your exercise fit.

  • What are my goals? Yes, I want to lose weight, but I really want to be fit. I want to feel strong and look better. I want to get up from the ground effortlessly and be able to hike with my family without being short of breath. Strength, flexibility and a strong core are important to me. I want to feel good and have increased energy.
  • What do I enjoy? It wasn’t easy for me to answer this question. I knew what I didn’t enjoy. But I can’t say that I’ve ever enjoyed exercise. The closest I’ve come to enjoying it has been weight lifting. But I also wanted something with cardio to build some endurance. I really didn’t have a whole lot of hope that I would ever enjoy cardio.
  • What is something that is sustainable? I wanted something that I could do at home in any type of weather. We have a great set up for weight lifting but I wanted to add cardio. I joined a local gym to use the treadmill and did OK with that for a while but then I started going less and less.
  • How will I track progress? I’m a person that is motivated by following a plan and checking things off as I accomplish them. I’m also motivated by improving myself as time goes by so I wanted a way to track that.

I finally found the perfect exercise routine for me

I think the best thing I’ve done to answer these question has been to experiment. I have continued to see what other people enjoy and to try new things. Part of the equation for me was doing yoga at home. I started by doing it with a 30 day program on YouTube called 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. She has a great style of teaching and she starts with the basics and builds up from there. It started me on the journey of getting stronger and more flexible while also improving my core. I’m pretty terrible at it, but I see results as I stick with it.

For the cardio portion I bought a Peloton bike. I am totally addicted to it. It’s not only the exercise itself, but it’s the social aspect of the bike and the membership. There are online classes that you can take either live or on demand that help push you farther than you would ever do on your own in the gym. They have a really active and supportive online community. I have done far more exercise in the past month than I have any other time since my time in the Marine Corps. And I’ve finally learned what those elusive exercise endorphins feel like!

Another bonus with Peloton is that the app has other types of workouts as well. So I can do live yoga classes, strength training, power walking, and more with the same membership. And my profile page tracks all my workouts and exercise streaks. For me it has changed my outlook on the likelihood that I will be a fit person one day. It’s inevitable!

What about you?

Now it’s time to find the right exercise for you and your lifestyle.

What are your goals?

What do you enjoy?

What is sustainable for you?

How will you track your progress?

Take some time to answer these questions and then start experimenting. Let me know if you need help to figure it out. Let’s get fit!

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