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Sometimes You Need to Stretch Yourself

I get motivated by challenges. I’m not competitive, but a good challenge always increases the chance that I will complete what I start.

Earlier this year I got a Peloton bike. I’ve never been consistent with exercise but I joined a challenge called Power Zone Challenge. I quickly got addicted to it. I not only completed the challenge, but I increased my fitness score by 14%. I am now on my second Power Zone challenge to continue my fitness and weight loss journey.

I’ve implemented challenges in my own coaching business. I ran a 5 day challenge last week to help people who struggle with food cravings. While I was challenging the members of the group, I also challenged myself in doing Facebook Lives in the group each day of the challenge. I had never done a live video so doing it in a small group was a great place to start.

I upped my game by joining a challenge that is intended to stretch me even farther. It’s called the Stretch Yourself Challenge and it’s run by Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money. If you are running an online business, I encourage you to check out the link and join us this week. The challenge runs the whole month of September and there are 15 different mini challenges to stretch yourself and take your business to the next level. I’m going to do several of the challenges. The first one I’m tackling is to do a Facebook Live series on my public page. So, if you struggle with food cravings, tune into my Tammy Fuller Coaching Facebook page on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. PDT this month to learn how to manage them.

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