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How Lack of Sleep Makes Cravings Worse

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One of the basic habits for successful, long term weight loss is getting enough sleep. I wrote about this previously. A new post on WebMD tells us that Sleepless Nights Could Make Pastries Hard to Resist.

After a night of lost sleep, the participants’ brain images showed increased activity in a circuit between the amygdala and hypothalamus, which is involved in food intake. This suggests sleep loss increased the desirability of food compared to non-food rewards, Peters said.

Previous findings have shown that hormonal changes after a sleepless night can affect appetite, but this study shows that changes occur in the brain as well. The good news is that paying attention to getting enough sleep can help us to achieve our weight loss goals. One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to have a nighttime routine for winding down and getting to bed on time.

What is your nighttime routine?

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  • I turn off all screens by nine and go to sleep by ten each evening, with the exception of a few times each month I am out later. In those cases I sleep additional time in the morning. That has been my routine for a decade now and is why I am so productive, I believe. As for the cravings, I can’t remember when I last had one. If I overeat it’s because I love the food that I have prepared or am being served.
    Connie Ragen Green

  • Celene says:

    Sleep deprivation affects everything! I notice a difference in my eating when I’m tired too!

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