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Basic Weight Loss Habits for  Success

Basic Weight Loss Habits for Success

  In last week’s blog post I wrote about the book Atomic Habits. Building better habits is a favorite topic of mine. Our repeated actions build our habits and our habits build the results we have in our lives. This week I want to talk about the basic habits...
Mindful Eating with the Hunger Scale

Mindful Eating with the Hunger Scale

Using a hunger scale is one of the basic habits that has helped me lose 49 pounds and keep it off. When I first started using it I had many “light bulb” moments that highlighted how often I was eating for reasons other than physical hunger. Using a hunger...

Can Your Food Be Making You Sick?

In the U.S. it’s estimated that we eat more than 60% processed foods. In the Medium article The United States Has an Epidemic of Processed Foods – And it’s Killing Us, author Manya Goldstein tells the story of how she was diagnosed with a chronic...