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3 Reasons Why You Might Be Failing Your Diet

fail your diet

Are you getting discouraged trying to follow your diet?

Often we start a diet strong. We get the plan, the recipes, and the groceries. We plan, we meal prep, and we start with great intentions. But then, days, weeks, or even months later, we revert back to how we’ve always eaten. Here are 3 reasons that it may be falling apart:

Reason 1 – Your Thinking

You may be having terrible thoughts about what it takes to lose weight.

The problem with this is your thoughts drive your feelings which, in turn, drives the actions you take. If you are having negative thoughts about what it means to be on a diet, you are going to feel terrible and your actions won’t lead to results that get you closer to your goal. You may stay on track for a while using willpower, but that will soon wear thin.

Some examples of theses kinds of thoughts:

  • I can’t have carbs.
  • I lose weight slowly.
  • I’m addicted to food.
  • I can’t eat things I enjoy.
  • I can’t get started on eating sweets or I won’t be able to stop.
  • I just need to find the right diet/plan/supplement/shake.
  • I’m going to be hungry.
  • Dieting is miserable.
  • I can’t have a social life and enjoy eating out.
  • I can’t lose weight because of my thyroid and my medications.
  • I have to feel deprived in order to lose weight.
  • Dieting has to be all or nothing or it’s not good enough.
  • Add in your own negative thinking…

You can only be successful with thoughts like these for a very short time. When you see the weight loss journey as misery, you won’t sustain your progress. Much of my coaching helps my clients with thoughts like these. You may feel like some of these thoughts are facts, but there is no benefit to you to keep thinking them. They will not get you to your goal.

The good news is, these thoughts are optional.

Reason 2 – You see diets as temporary

When you go on a diet, you don’t think of it as a permanent lifestyle change.

You follow the plan for a time and either give up at some point or reach your goal weight. Then you go back to eating the way you used to eat.

I want to encourage you to lose weight the way you will keep it off. Make changes that you are willing to do for the rest of your life. Instead of making drastic changes all at once, build habits that you’re willing to sustain.

A slow, steady weight loss with a nutrition plan that you develop yourself is going to set you up for long term success compared to a restrictive diet that you only want to do until you hit your goal. This is one of the things we develop in my 6-week coaching program: Eating on Purpose.

Reason 3 -You Are Too Restrictive

You can only handle being restrictive for a time.

Not every diet out there is bad. But some can be so restrictive that they are unhealthy. And sometimes we fall into the trap of looking for the magic bullet. When the diet doesn’t work, we blame the diet. It doesn’t encourage us to look for solutions and listen to our own bodies.

When the diet prescribes how many calories or points or macros you eat, sometimes you may unintentionally overeat – because you have points, or macros left – even when you’re not hungry. When I did Weight Watchers I had a habit of eating all my points. Even if I wasn’t truly hungry. Because I loved food and the plan said I could have it.  I did the same thing with the keto diet. I paid more attention to hitting my macros than paying attention to whether I was even hungry.

The solution: Basic, simple, do-able habits repeated daily. Implement changes that you’re willing to stick to for life. Identify thoughts that keep you stuck and do the work to change them. 

What Now?

If you are ready to approach weight loss differently, I’d like to invite you to grab my eBook below. It will introduce you to the 4 basic habits that will help you start to practice awareness and thoughtfulness on a daily basis to drive your results closer and closer to your goal.


Having Trouble Sticking to Your Diet? Try This!

4 Habits to Rock Your Weight Loss Goals in Less Than 1 Hour Per Day

No matter what diet you’re starting there are habits that can help increase your chances of success. This can be the year that you set a weight loss goal and make consistent progress towards it.

Are you trying to lose weight with restriction, deprivation and willpower? It works for a time but then you fall “off the wagon” and eventually give up on believing that you can be successful. Implementing these habits will help you establish a routine and consistency to losing weight. Instead of becoming a chore, it can be a learning experience. Failures become opportunities to learn and get better.

There is hope. You are not broken. You are not weak. Grab the eBook and put the habits into practice. Don’t wait. These habits work even if you are not starting a diet.

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passive action

Passive Action: Is It Holding You Back From Losing Weight?

Woman sitting at laptop

What is passive action?

Passive action includes things you are doing to learn more about reaching you goal, thinking about your goal, planning and dreaming about your goal.

If you are anything like me some of these passive actions will sound familiar:

  • Reading the latest diet books
  • Researching diets online
  • Spending time saving recipes on Pinterest
  • Researching meal prep ideas
  • Taking a weight loss class
  • Meeting with a nutritionist
  • Discussing diet “hacks” with friends

So what’s the problem?

There is nothing wrong with passive action in general. But sometimes we get stuck there and we feel like we are “doing the work” to lose weight, but we really haven’t started any forward motion. Change will happen when you shift from passive action to massive action.

To clarify, massive action doesn’t necessarily mean huge, scary changes. It just means moving outside your comfort zone and committing to a plan of action and executing those actions.

It means you have a willingness to learn from mistakes. When you are stuck in passive action you may be thinking that you are just learning how to do it perfectly. That if you can just find the right plan or the right “magic bullet” you will finally get it right.

The funny part is, we learn so much more from trying things and making mistakes and trying again.

What now?

If you’ve been stuck in passive action without taking any steps toward your goal I want to encourage you to take a risk. Choose a course of action, take the risk & push yourself towards your goal. There’s nothing wrong with learning and researching, but then you have to take action.

Plan to run into obstacles and then plan for how you will tackle them. Urges and cravings will come and threaten to derail you. Plan for them. They are normal. They provide you with an opportunity to learn. Plan for how you will handle failure and how you will respond.

Now, take action! Comment below what action you will take this week.

eating out

Making Better Choices When Eating Out

Get the Free Dining Out Guide

menu at restaurant

It’s always going to be easier to eat healthfully when you prep your own food at home. However, sometimes it is fun to eat at a restaurant. My family and I generally eat out once a week. Sometimes I use that time as my weekly Joy Meal. But other times I want to make better choices and save my Joy Meal for another day.

If you have read my blogs you will know that I teach planning ahead as one of the key habits for staying on track with eating and losing weight. I recommend that when you are eating out you still plan ahead. Most restaurants have menus that you can access online to make your plan. I’ve prepared a Dining Out Guide that you can download with some tips for making better choices when eating out. I’ve included tips for most types of restaurants to help you keep on track with your goals! Grab your copy below.

How Lack of Sleep Makes Cravings Worse

types of overeating

One of the basic habits for successful, long term weight loss is getting enough sleep. I wrote about this previously. A new post on WebMD tells us that Sleepless Nights Could Make Pastries Hard to Resist.

After a night of lost sleep, the participants’ brain images showed increased activity in a circuit between the amygdala and hypothalamus, which is involved in food intake. This suggests sleep loss increased the desirability of food compared to non-food rewards, Peters said.

Previous findings have shown that hormonal changes after a sleepless night can affect appetite, but this study shows that changes occur in the brain as well. The good news is that paying attention to getting enough sleep can help us to achieve our weight loss goals. One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to have a nighttime routine for winding down and getting to bed on time.

What is your nighttime routine?