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Don’t Let Cravings Sabotage Your Diet

sabotage diet

Does this sound familiar?

You commit to a diet plan.

You’re doing really well. Seeing progress. Staying on track.

And then your favorite food shows up.

It might be cheesecake…

or homemade chocolate chip cookies…

or pizza.

And before you know it, you’ve sabotaged your diet. You’ve undone all the hard work you’ve put in over the last few weeks.
And you give up. You’ve “fallen off the wagon” and you go face first into all the cravings.

I’ve been there. There are reasons why this happens. And it doesn’t have to be a disaster. It doesn’t have to mean that you’ve failed.

In my 5-day Cravings Challenge we learn about why cravings happen. Over-hunger is one factor. This happens when our hunger hormones get out of balance. Over-desire is another major factor. Over-desire is the intense craving feeling where you are craving often or where the cravings are so insistent that you feel like you have to give in. There are ways to reduce the over-desire and strategies to handle it when it shows up. We also learn about how we have learned over time to use food to manage our emotions. And best of all, we learn that there are tools you can implement to put better habits into practice. Over time you can decrease the frequency and intensity of cravings and you will know how to handle them when they come.

If you missed the latest 5-day challenge, you can still get all the information in my Conquering Cravings Masterclass. Watch the video below for all the information you need to start learning from your cravings, implementing tools to conquer them, and have success in your weight loss journey.

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Conquer Your Cravings

When cravings hit

Cravings. They feel so insistent and urgent. So loud in my brain. Resist and they get stronger. Give in and they’re reinforced. It feels like I can’t win.

Understanding the why

When it comes to cravings I find that it helps to understand why my cravings happen. Learning about the physiological aspect of hormone regulation and over-hunger in combination with the mental aspect of over-desire has helped me to understand that cravings don’t mean that I am weak or broken. And once I understand that, I can take action and stop feeling helpless.

Knowing what to do

I also find that the way I have tried to battle cravings in the past has only served to reinforce them. So unfortunate. Cravings are normal, but there are ways you can decrease the frequency and intensity of them. Sometimes you can quiet them all together.

Cravings come from the physical side – over-hunger. This is related to the way your hunger hormones (insulin, leptin, ghrelin) work together. You can improve the balance of these hormones by what you eat and how often you eat. It’s also related to over-desire which comes from how the brain works.

Learning how to decrease over-hunger and over-desire is the key to conquering cravings. I’d love to help you reduce your cravings and urges to overeat and give you the same tools that have been such a help in my own weight loss journey. Join me for a 5 day Facebook training starting December 2.

But it’s the holidays!

I know many people want to wait until January to start on their 2020 health goals. This challenge/training is for people who don’t want to wait to make a positive change in their health journey now. If you are ready to start taking action with a group of like-minded people, sign up now for the free online training.