Processed food

In the U.S. it’s estimated that we eat more than 60% processed foods. In the Medium article The United States Has an Epidemic of Processed Foods – And it’s Killing Us, author Manya Goldstein tells the story of how she was diagnosed with a chronic illness and how it led to her search for answers. Traditional medical care only provided partial answers and prescriptions to control symptoms. Until she sought a holistic practitioner she never considered that her food could be part of the problem. 

Wait, what? Back up a second. Our food choices can’t really matter that much, I thought.
I mean, c’mon, it’s just food. And besides, I have a nervous system problem. The doctors gave me a diagnosis; they say its chronic. I’m just trying to control my symptoms a little better. 

The article summarizes the problems associated with processed food and also tackles many of the issues with our current recommended nutritional guidelines. It’s a meaty article but I recommend you read her whole post. It’s chock full of great information.

Making better lifestyle choices can help prevent many chronic diseases. And those with chronic disease can improve and sometimes reverse their disease with lifestyle improvements such as avoiding processed foods. If you need help with making better choices with your food, get on the list to be notified when sign ups happen for our Upgrade Your Diet course

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